When was the last time a colleague (or anyone) told you: YOU ROCK! My wake-up call to the importance of affirming those around us came this week in the form of a card that simply read on the front “YOU ROCK!!!” Inside was the message from my colleague explaining why they felt this sentiment belonged in my corner. IT. MADE. MY DAY.

But then I began thinking…How many other affirmations have I missed seeing because I was busy or tired or just not paying attention? So, I challenged myself to look at each day and find those blessings that could and would fuel my efforts.

I found bread. A local baker left me some of her amazing bread and peach jam. It Rocked! So, I sent her a thank you message.

I found helpers. Our co-working community that turn off lights around the office when they are last out, that vacuum, pick the mail, clean up the room after an event leaving it just like they found it (or better). THAT ROCKS!!!

This took me down another thought path. How many times have I missed the opportunity to affirm someone simply by thanking them or doing a kind deed? So, challenge two came into play.

Find the opportunities to recognize the extra effort from those closest to me. AND DO IT.

And I challenge you too! If you want to have an outstanding, magnificent, over-the-top kind of day, week or month, FOCUS your eyes and attention on those around you and encourage them.

Tell them: “YOU ROCK!!!”