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Use us for your Ribbon Cutting

Over the past three years, The Offices at Spenryn has been the backdrop of more than 20 ribbon cuttings for area businesses. Some of these companies, use us as their physical office while others are virtual tenants, but both have seen the social media awareness that comes with [...]

Who uses a Virtual Office and Why?

Recently our friend Erica at All Things Madison, featured one of our amazing tenants, Melody Tholstrup and her experience as a virtual tenant here at the Offices at Spenryn. Melody uses our offices as a place to host workshops, all sizes of meetings and shares our address as needed, but her story got us to [...]

2021-10-06T12:19:57-04:00October 6th, 2021|2021, Co-Working, Entrepreneurship, October, Virtual Office|

Angels Homecare, LLC

Angels Homecare, LLC Keishia Fox We provide loved ones with meal prep, personal care, transportation, medicine reminders, light cleaning, respite care, errand service and companionship. We provide personal care services, light housekeeping, meal preparation and run errands. Why did you choose to move into a co-working space, and what [...]

2021-07-30T12:23:18-04:00September 14th, 2021|2021, Entrepreneurship, September|

We’re home to the Newest Chapter of the ABWA

Last month, the Offices at Spenryn became the official home to the country’s newest chapter of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA). The organization has a presence in 28 states, and the North Alabama chapter is the second chapter in Alabama. The process of starting ABWA in north Alabama began more than a year ago, [...]

2021-09-09T18:05:00-04:00September 9th, 2021|2021, Entrepreneurship, Priorities, September|

Accounting Integrity

Accounting Integrity Celese Sanders Been in business more than 6 years. Focuses on bookkeeping and accounting As a Marketing Coach, Speaker and Trainer, my mission is helping overwhelmed Small Business Owners learn how to set AND achieve their marketing goals so they can take their business to the [...]

2021-07-30T12:13:22-04:00August 17th, 2021|2021, August, Entrepreneurship|

3 Social Media Scheduling Tools To Keep Your Accounts as Active as Your Business

Harnessing the power of social media is important for every business. Whether the business is selling popcorn, real estate or offering massage therapy, consumers will check out popular social media outlets to see what’s new and gauge the business’ personality. The problem with social media for businesses is that it takes time, which unfortunately is [...]

2021-06-25T15:43:18-04:00July 1st, 2021|2021, Branding, Entrepreneurship, July, Social|

Honesty is still the Best Policy

More than three dozen businesses use the services provided at the Offices at Spenryn, and we were recently reviewing marketing materials for an organization and it became clear that best way to get the message across effectively and efficiently was to be honest. For example, I could tell someone that by being a member of [...]

2021-05-26T18:38:30-04:00June 1st, 2021|2021, Branding, Entrepreneurship, June, Priorities|

5 Industry Giants that Started in Co-Working Spaces

Did you know five popular, massive companies were started by initially working out of shared, co-working space? It’s true. At this point, these companies have employees and customers across the world, but they all got started by saving money and resources by taking advantage of local co-working. Because these companies were able to keep their [...]

2021-03-12T14:54:57-05:00April 3rd, 2021|2021, April, Co-Working, Entrepreneurship, Priorities|

Healthy Fun Worx

Healthy Fun Worx Jenny Mayers At Healthy Fun Worx, I offer health coaching, Bemer Magnetic Therapy, raindrop technique, detox foot baths, Biomat far infrared therapy, lightbox therapy for SAD and Young Living Essential Oil Education. Why Healthy Fun Worx chose the co-working space at the Offices at Spenryn? I’ve been in [...]

2021-03-12T10:56:38-05:00March 10th, 2021|2021, Co-Working, March|

Co-working makes Financial Sense, is Fun and a Community

Last year, many people were able to turn their side hustles into full-time gigs, but in order to grow that gig into a successful full-time job, it’s important to make contacts and keep costs manageable. Co-working can help in both these areas. Co-working offers community-based, cost-effective and fun workplace solutions. It’s a Community Working at [...]

2021-03-08T12:56:02-05:00March 8th, 2021|2021, Co-Working, Entrepreneurship, March|
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