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My Size Marketing

My Size Marketing Melody Tholstrup Been in business more than 10 years. Housed at the Offices at Spenryn for two years. As a Marketing Coach, Speaker and Trainer, my mission is helping overwhelmed Small Business Owners learn how to set AND achieve their marketing goals so they can [...]

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Meet the Author: Scott Harbour, “Building Great Teams”

Within our co-working community is Scott Harbour, owner of several SportsClips facilities in our region. His business was hit especially hard during 2020’s shutdowns due to the pandemic, and upon reopening, his locations had several restrictions in place to keep employees and patrons safe. During the nationwide shutdown, Scott began reflecting on his business and [...]

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All Things Madison Review of our Offices

We recently had an opportunity to give a tour of our offices to Erica DeSpain, editor at All Things Madison and she loved what she saw. Take a look at her review of our office space and schedule a tour of your own. "After getting to know Lisa over the course of several months, [...]

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Office Pride of Madison

Office Pride of Madison Tawanda and Orlando Pitts Office Pride was founded in 2014 and is run on Biblical principles. We are a faith-based franchise focusing on honesty, professionalism and exceeding expectations. We were looking for a business opportunity that would allow us to faithfully serve our community while meeting the [...]

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Lash Life Beauty Company

Lash Life Beauty Company Donna Yonta Donna Yonta is owner of Lash Life Beauty Company, which offers esthetic services to the public, and education services to licensed and non-licensed beauty professionals. Why she chose co-working at the Office at Spenryn I wanted to stay in the Madison area and the Offices [...]

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