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Businesses Sharing space at the Offices of Spenryn

The Offices at Spenryn – where entrepreneurs build success

“After getting to know Lisa over the course of several months, I feel comfortable putting my name behind her businesses and everything she offers. She truly strives to see others thrive in their careers and desires to help connect like-minded people who may be able to form a mutually beneficial professional relationship. She is a very good person to know and will cater her services to enhance one’s career and overall job satisfaction.”

“Tremendous concept. Excellent community atmosphere that encourages each other and promotes the individual tenants. Exceptional in every way!”

Randy Lee

“I had looked at several buildings and several locations before choosing The Offices at Spenryn. Lisa (property manager) is super-professional as well as warm and inviting to all our guests. She truly cares about having a ‘premiere’ office for local businesses. Lisa clearly takes great pride in keeping the conference rooms and meeting spaces clean, well-decorated, and technically up-to-date. It’s a great office space!”

“Absolutely love the community and experience at The Office at Spenryn. I wholeheartedly recommend that any true business professional or entrepreneur that wants to build valuable relationships and become part of community that will help you succeed, to visit and experience the community for themselves.”

“I love working with the Offices at Spenryn for events and training classes. Wonderful staff and wonderful location!”




Healthy Fun Worx

March 24th, 2022|0 Comments

Healthy Fun Worx Jenny Mayers Owner How long has your business been open? 7 years How long has your business been with The Offices at Spenryn? 3 years I'm a [...]

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Our #virtualoffice option could be the answer for your home based or small business. Call for details 256-850-2001 or visit ...

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Business professionals come from all around to get Candy’s Candles!
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What a wonderful day in our #CoWorkingCommunity!! Don Daniel and Dr. LaTracy McDonald in the building! #famousauthors #TheOfficesAtSpenryn #CoWorkingCommunity #virtualoffice ...

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#C3ConnectingCoachingCommunity was nothing short of AMAZING today!! Go ahead and let us know you’ll be joining us in May (Third Thursday- May 19th at noon) and we’ll save a seat just for YOU!!
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Brand recognition. These words from C3 Leader, L. Steven Conway are just a true today as they were 3 years ago.
Join us on Thursday, March 17th from 12-1PM to networking with local business owners and hear a word of entrepreneurial encouragement!
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Someone’s in the kitchen!! #TheOfficesAtSpenryn #CoWorkingCommunity #virtualoffice #healthyfunworx ...

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