We all appreciate a clean workspace, right? Clean floors, a clean bathroom and kitchen. These are a must at home and work!

But what about cleaning our work processes?  Keeping the thoughts and ideas that pop through our mind organized and on paper. Doing this allows us to pursue them as possible goals worth setting and achieving.

I was reminded recently just how important this is. Creative minds have ideas 24/7 and we should transfer those from a thought to an action list. It doesn’t mean we will act on them immediately or at all, but it does allow us time for consideration and planning.

Using this coach-taught principal has helped me keep track of some very important ideas, which turned into goals that were reached! In retrospect I see it is because I followed the process:

  • Write it down
  • Add it to my master list of goals if appropriate
  • Assign it a date

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To YOUR success,
Lisa Smith