Bear Cognition

Brandon Bishop, Director of Organizational Training & Development

How long has your business been open?

Less than 2 years

How long has your business been with The Offices at Spenryn?

About six months

Bear Cognition™ is an innovative provider of unified analytics, supplying “actionable” insights for the small to midsized business segment. We do this through our platform, Perceptivity, by connecting your numerous streams of data into one “single pane of glass” view into your business. This saves you time and helps you make faster and smarter decisions.

Why did you choose to move into the Offices at Spenryn? 

From the first day I visited, the atmosphere was awesome. Everyone I met gave that “family” vibe and Lisa is great! I checked out more “modern” co-working spaces but the Office of Spenryn definitely met my needs and felt they cared more.

What should a business owner look for when considering a co-working option?

Flexibility, business resources, potential for networking and referrals, price and proximity.

Why should someone consider using your business?

Business owners use Bear Cognition because we fill a gap in the software space. Yes, we help them with their business analytics but through a partnership rather than transactional-type situation. We make it easy & affordable for small business owners to gain greater insights into their business but also what to do with those insights.

What online resource(s) do you find most beneficial to small business owners? 
Social networks and networking groups like Alignable, in general, are great. Online MOOC courses through sites like Coursera or Edx are great for learning new things and expanding knowledge on your own industry.

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