Accounting Integrity

Celese Sanders

  • Been in business more than 6 years.

  • Focuses on bookkeeping and accounting

As a Marketing Coach, Speaker and Trainer, my mission is helping overwhelmed Small Business Owners learn how to set AND achieve their marketing goals so they can take their business to the net level of success

Why did you choose to move into a co-working space, and what advantages has it offered your business?

I work from home and this provides me an address I can use for my business without using my home address. It also gives me a place to meet clients that is professional.

What should a business owner look for when considering a co-working option?

A location that is professional and has a good atmosphere like the Offices at Spenryn does.

Why should someone consider using your business?

Even prior to Covid, I had established my business as a virtual firm with the tools and processes in place to efficiently and smoothly manage the financial aspects of the business.

What online resources(s) do you find most beneficial to small business owners?

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