Office Pride of Madison

Tawanda and Orlando Pitts

Office Pride was founded in 2014 and is run on Biblical principles. We are a faith-based franchise focusing on honesty, professionalism and exceeding expectations. We were looking for a business opportunity that would allow us to faithfully serve our community while meeting the needs of local customers and creating local jobs. Office Pride provided just that opportunity which is why we love being apart of the commercial cleaning industry.

Why use Office Pride?

We stand firm on our business being a business of integrity. We strive really hard to not only meet our customers’ expectations but to exceed them. We focus on honesty and professionalism.

Why Office Pride chose co-working at the Office at Spenryn?

A couple of years ago we were looking to move into a larger space for our business as it was growing quite well. Orlando had been looking around for additional office space. Once he met Lisa, we then learned of the co-working community at the Offices of Spenryn. We have really enjoyed meeting other business owners during our time here and it has been a great co-working space.

What should a business owner look for when considering co-working space?

A business owner should look for the ideal space that would suite their business needs as well as the start of other valuable business relationships within the co-working spaces.

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