My Size Marketing

Melody Tholstrup

  • Been in business more than 10 years.

  • Housed at the Offices at Spenryn for two years.

As a Marketing Coach, Speaker and Trainer, my mission is helping overwhelmed Small Business Owners learn how to set AND achieve their marketing goals so they can take their business to the net level of success

Why did you choose to move into a co-working space, and what advantages has it offered your business?

As a Mompreneur based in the Madison area, I’ve happily worked from home for many years. But in the last few years, as my business grew, I got tired of meeting my clients in noisy, very public cafes and also needed some larger spaces to start teaching my marketing mastermind groups and marketing workshops. So when I met Lisa Smith and discovered her amazing new co-working space, I was thrilled to be able to have the best of both worlds…a convenient, private safe to meet w/clients and a professional, easy-to-access location where my clients can come to my group events.

What should a business owner look for when considering a co-working option?

A variety of space options, from 1-on-1 offices to larger group meeting options. A safe, protected entry option, so only tenants and invited guests be able to access the space, especially before and after hours. Also, ideally a live person (or team) who’s onsite during business hours to be able to help with any tenant needs or issues.

Why should someone consider using your business? 

There are many amazing marketing companies in our North Alabama area (and online too) that can help your business in lots of great ways. My personal “Secret Sauce” is after working 30 years in the marketing industry, and working with a wide variety of businesses,I am able to help a client look at their specific marketing challenges from a lot of different angles. Then using my years of experience and my various resource partners, my goal is to empower each of my clients with fresh, new ideas, as well as helping them create an actionable marketing plan that will help them reach their marketing goals in 90 days or less.

What online resources(s) do you find most beneficial to small business owners?

There are so many great business tools out there now, especially those that have become available over the last year of the pandemic. Some of my personal favorites are: Canva for graphic design, MailChimp for free email marketing options, Eventbrite for hosting & marketing events, Quickbooks Self-Employed to help track mileage/expenses, Evernote to track all of my meeting notes, and Vcita coaching platform to keep my clients communications and my booking calendar all in one place.

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