Before COVID-19, there was a stigma surrounding the idea of working from remotely. Many companies believed it would result in less productivity and employee engagement. However, if the past year has taught us anything, it’s that productivity and employee engagement can happen anywhere. In fact, studies by Prodoscore Research are showing some interesting statistics regarding where employees are working and what that means.


According to them, in 2021, 44 percent of employees want to continue working remotely in some capacity, and more than 37 percent hope to still be working remotely in five years.

It’s normal for an employer to be concerned about productivity, but since March 2020, many industries have seen a 47 percent growth in productivity among employees who work off-site. Part of this could be the fact that there are less in-person meetings, virtual meetings take less time and employees are driven to get their work done because of other duties needing done at home (virtual school with kids, being a big one).

Productivity is happening

Another interesting takeaway from the Prodoscore’s research is that employees seem to be most productive Tuesday – Thursday, with the most productive time being between 10:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. Interestingly, this time is fairly close to an average school day for students. Many workers need time to go through emails and set their agenda for the day before getting down to business, so it makes sense that real “work” doesn’t begin until well after 8 a.m.

More affordable for companies

Remote working has quickly gained approval from companies of all sizes, not just because of the surprising rate of productivity, but it has also lowered expenses. No longer are businesses having to pay to keep the lights on for several floors of a building, run copy machines for employees or maintain equipment. It will be interesting to see how large businesses manage their current footprint and real estate with many workers opting to stay remote, or move to a hybrid schedule that combines both in-office and remote work time.

For anyone looking for remote office space that isn’t the kitchen table, or is needing a place to escape the distractions of home, we can help. Drop us a line and we’d be happy to give a tour and describe how we can help keep remote working a possibility.

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