If you have ever done airline travel, then likely you are familiar with this phrase. How different would our work life be if we took this advice and applied it to our time at the office and to our life in general? As a busy professional, I was reminded recently that taking care of ourselves needs to be a priority that we reevaluate regularly just as we plan our work week or set and review goals.

I wanted to share my Core 4 with you:

  • You – Do you “check in” with yourself daily? Check how you are felling and work on those areas that need to be addressed.  You could keep a gratitude list and add to it regularly. Another helpful suggestion is to secure an accountability partner in a trusted colleague for work and a second one that is a true, personal friend. You will find that both are invaluable in keeping you balanced and on track.
  • Your Health – Keep your body healthy to keep your mind strong and clear. Diet is so very important, as is regular check ups with your health care provider. And regular exercise. Personally, I take a holistic approach to reach my health goals. If that resonates with you then an excellent Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and Health Coach will be a huge asset.
  • Your Peace – Keeping turmoil at bay and preserve your inner peace. Quiet time, meditation and calming activities are key. So is getting enough sleep. Lack of proper rest leads to many of our problems with health and happiness. You could adopt a hobby like painting, read a book or listen to your favorite calming music for down time. Choose what works best for you.
  • Your Support – We all need help, although for some of us it is difficult to admit and even harder to request. If you don’t have them, make it a goal to secure your Mentors for your professional life. Spend your down time with your Family & Friends.  And whenever you can, give and volunteer. You will be amazed at how much more grounded and balanced you feel.

Here at The Offices at Spenryn we offer C2 (Coffee & Connections) and C3 (Coaching-Connecting-Community) monthly to support our local entrepreneurs and business professionals. And we want to invite YOU to our future events on the first and third Tuesday of each month. These events are always listed on the events page of our website and our Facebook page.

To Your Success!

Lisa Smith
Partner, The Offices at Spenryn