More than three dozen businesses use the services provided at the Offices at Spenryn, and we were recently reviewing marketing materials for an organization and it became clear that best way to get the message across effectively and efficiently was to be honest.

For example, I could tell someone that by being a member of our office that it includes excellent networking opportunities, but let me tell you the truth.

When someone joins our co-working group, they’re instantly connected with: a national author who also owns several SportsClips locations, a marketing professional who has worked with Fortune 500 businesses for most of her career, a business coach that helped make hundreds of local and national businesses successful, and myself, a professional networker with more than 25 years of professional networking experience such as BNI, and who is personally connected to more than 1,000 local and national businesses.

Granted, that’s a lot of information to put on a social media post or in a marketing piece, but in a conversation this information is much more persuasive than simply saying our office houses a lot of different businesses.

Another takeaway from our office’s marketing conversation, that is applicable to traditional marketing materials, is stating the obvious.

Here are a few examples

Generic: Our offices are a quiet and professional atmosphere to do business.

Better: Our private offices have carpeted floors (noise reduction), hardwood doors in commons area and hallways (cleanliness) and are 8 feet apart.

Generic: We offer exclusive networking meetings.

Better: For free, our tenants can participate in monthly marketing, sales and engagement meetings.

By providing a few more details, someone gets a better sense of what our office is like and if it could be a fit for their business. Consider being completely honest and straightforward with what you’re really offering next time someone asks about your business.

To Your Success,

Lisa Smith

The Offices at Spenryn