Last year, many people were able to turn their side hustles into full-time gigs, but in order to grow that gig into a successful full-time job, it’s important to make contacts and keep costs manageable. Co-working can help in both these areas. Co-working offers community-based, cost-effective and fun workplace solutions.

It’s a Community

Working at home can sometimes lead to tunnel vision, which is what happens when there are few outside ideas or stimulation. By being part of a co-working space, you’re really joining a community. It’s common for the individual businesses to network spontaneously to share ideas or help a colleague solve a problem. The community brings new thoughts and trends to the table in a way that are friendly and courteous. Because most co-working spaces house entrepreneurs, it’s common to find people who can relate to business growing pains and finding the right solutions.

It makes Financial Sense

Working at home definitely has it’s advantages, but sometimes there needs to be a real separation between home life and work life. Many entrepreneurs don’t need a full office space and all the expenses that come along with an office. Instead of leasing a building or office, hiring a cleaning service, stocking a kitchen, renting a conference room and purchasing internet, those services are included in rent and shared among the co-workers, which makes overall costs lower for everyone. Additionally, by renting space in a co-working community, there’s no need to worry about building or office maintenance as that’s covered in the cost of the rent.

It’s Fun!

Before COVID-19, co-working spaces were hotspots for events, lunch-n-learns, meetings and other get togethers. With more and more people receiving the vaccine, it’s safe to predict that these types of meetings will come back soon, if they haven’t already. By being in an area that hosts a variety of events, it makes it easy to meet new people and make friends. Having friends in the office is always a benefit.

If you’re an entrepreneur and can’t decide what next step to take with your business, contact us. We’re happy to offer a little advice and showcase how co-working has helped dozens of local business owners.

To Your Success,

Lisa Smith

The Offices at Spenryn