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Motivation or Motionless

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” —Henry Ford

Motivation or Motionless

Are you living in ‘survival’ mode? Are you living paycheck to paycheck, struggling financially to get by each month? Do you sometimes feel stuck, not moving forward in life with what you aspire to accomplish? Do you even know what you want to experience in your lifetime? Do you have a vision of yourself for something greater?

What I have found, is we all have a choice. We are free to choose higher demands of ourselves, or we can choose to operate at much lower capacity missing our potential. There is a reason why we are where we are. We are never truly free until we are free to do nothing. I have found that making resolutions and promises to ourselves and others often bring temporary resolve and forward movement. Yet, frequently we end up fairly close to where we started. Authentic, lasting change and forward movement come from a deeper, inner transformation, drive, and a decision within ourselves, not behavior modification.

It is true that need and deadlines can create forward movement; certain things can force us to get moving. For example, a financial need can propel us to get moving and work at creating more income. Also true is the importance of establishing and maintain disciplines to support our vision and help us create new habits. Having a vision of yourself greater than where you are currently operating from can impact your life considerably. However, basic need with forward movement, discipline, and vision without the internal drive and the decision to transform: do not create lasting change.

Inevitably, without the decision to change and the drive to do so, we will revert back to old behaviors keeping us stuck or back to the familiar place of merely existing.

I encourage you to identify what you really want in life. What do you still want to accomplish, experience, and achieve? You have a choice. You can demand more of yourself, or you can do nothing.

Imagine yourself at the end of your life and ask: what you would regret not doing?

  • Are you really living the life you want?
  • Are you doing what you know you want to do or are called to do?
  • Are you moving, sowing, and taking action steps in that direction?
  • By completing what you are called to do, how does that impact and affect others?

Your life is about more than just you, your life affects everyone you encounter. When yourself back you’re also denying others.

True growth, authentic change, and lasting forward momentum lay dormant in us all. We can choose to fulfill our destiny and complete what we are called to do. Live fully and fully live!

by Amy Sky

Amy is a licensed minister and graduate of Andrew Wommack Ministries, Charis Bible College, Colorado.  Amy excels in, is called and sent forth to teach and minister healing, grace and faith, spirit, soul, and body, hearing God, righteousness, identity, and the presence of God.

Amy is a highly skilled and favored certified facilitator of major leadership and strategic planning programs and is a coach for leadership development programs including strategic planning, sales training, leadership development, and team development.  Amy has authored over 800 programs for strategic planning, sales development, utilizing vision, and experiential activities for spiritual, personal, and professional development and experiential team development.

Amy’s specialty is teaching, ministry, strategic planning, sales development, personal, professional, and spiritual coaching, and team development.  Amy has extensive and successful experience in facilitation and coaching and has positively assisted thousands of individuals in maximizing and advancing their full potential and achieving genuine success in their spiritual, personal and professional organizational development and growth.